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alan@airgunguild.com | 1/19/2023 5:41 AM
I use the 26.8 gr. slugs in my Impact, which uses the 1:18 twist, tensioned, 700 mm, X-Barrel. The difference in accuracy between the 1:24 twist X-barrel is negligible. This said, the explosive impact (no pun intended) of the faster twist is astonishing, and so is the terminal ballistic WHOP! Groups shot over bags at 100 yards (indoor range) average .350 CtC. 

I use these light slugs due to the game I'm hunting (pigeons, squirrels, doves, etc.), and the fact the area is essentially exurban in nature, with lots of commercial livestock. Maximum distance is still over 800 yards, however. 

The tuning is 16x3.5 with the second regulator set at 122BAR. The results are, 1,000 FPS ±2, and ≈60 FPE. If there is a problem with these light slugs, it is their short length. They can turn themselves sideways in the active load position. Doesn't happen often, but can be irritating when they do. 
charliej | 2/1/2023 8:48 AM
I am having similar issues with H&N sub 30 grain slugs.  Plus 30 grains work well. My problem is that my FX Crown MKII
magazine has issues with smaller slugs. They move and tilt when the mag is inserted into the rifle and fail to load properly.
I am going to try NSA slugs to see if they work better. 
Jnof | 2/20/2023 7:08 PM
I was having similar issues with my Impact. I put the Orion iguana hunter feeder in the magazine. It completely solved the problem.